Kids Builder

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《Kids Builder》是一款IOS平台的应用。
Kids Builder

Kids Builder应用介绍

英文描述:50% OFF for a LIMITED TIME!! My kids love this game to identify and compare Geometry Shapes. Kids Builder is designed for your preschooler (age 3 to 7). Play, learn and have fun by helping hippo and piggy build homestead, kids could learn SHAPES such as square, rectangle, round, triangle, parallelogram, oval, star, heart, moon, diamond, semicircle, trapezoid, curve and zigzag. No In-app Purchase!No ADs in app! Features: 1> 6 landscapes, 8 scenes, 18 buildings and 42 puzzles which teach kids about 14 kinds of shape and matching. 2> 2 loveable main actor--piggy and hippo, 5 supporting roles--squirrel, fish, butterfly, woodpecker and shrewmouse help kids along as they play the game. 3> 8 Fireworks Show! Kids could preview or review by touching 14 shapes floating in the Sky Scene with beautiful firework display. 4> Gift Box! By finishing each landscape's building, kids will get a gift box containing lollipops, balloons and firework. And all gifts can be showed as cute shapes in Gift Box scene. 5> Lots of cute surprises in each landscape, kids could touch them and find them. 6> Designed for preschoolers--no confusing menus or navigation. Favorite Rhymes: 1> Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2> Where is Spring 3> Little Swallow Play and be an excellent Kids Builder! 中文描述:50% OFF for a LIMITED TIME!!来自美国幼儿园的几何学习游戏! (小小建筑师)是以2010年10月美国联邦统一的(州共同核心课程标准)(数学分册)之幼儿园阶段标准做为教学大纲,专为3-7岁的学龄前儿童设 计的教育游戏。孩子在和小猪与河马一起过家家搭各种建筑时,能够快乐的学习并理解常见的14种几何形状——正方形、长方形、圆形、三角形、椭圆形、平行四边形、菱形、梯形、半圆形、心形、星形、月牙形、弧形、锯齿形。 无游戏内付费!无游戏内广告! 特点: 1 通过6个游戏关卡,8个游戏场景,18个建筑,42个形状块,教会孩子认识14种几何形状。 2 2个主角——小猪和小河马,5个配角小动物——松鼠、小鱼、蝴蝶、啄木鸟、小地鼠会陪伴孩子一起边学边玩。 3 8种烟花表演!在天空场景中,专门的形状星座模块让孩子随时预习和复习,记得更快更牢。学习一个,赢得一次烟花表演! 4 神秘礼物盒!每完成一个关卡中所有的建筑任务,会奖励孩子装有棒棒糖、烟花或气球的神奇礼物盒!可以在礼物盒场景中精彩播放! 5 每个场景都设计了可爱的惊喜小游戏,让孩子学得更开心,并锻炼孩子的发现能力。 6 简单的操作界面设计,让孩子快速进入学习和游戏状态。 7 自动进行语言设置!并提供中英文2种界面和配音的手动设置功能. 世界经典儿歌作为背景音效: 1 小星星 2 春天在哪里 3 小燕子一起来边玩边学!做个优秀的小小建筑师吧![1] 

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